Travel Nostalgia

Discover the new collection made of 100% recycled material

Our Story:
Toward a sustainable world

Since our debut in 2015, Shupatto has encouraged consumers to use our company's bag as an alternative to single-use plastic bags.

We have strived to deliver more than 13 million Shupatto bags to your homes, and in this way, the brand has undoubtedly helped to support the foundations of the eco-conscious culture in Japan and the world.

However, we knew that we could do much more for the world.

For the past few years, we have been trying to find a way to manufacture Shupatto with sustainable materials without compromising its design and quality

In 2022, our time has finally come.

We are thrilled to introduce our newest collection, which uses 100% recycled material!

Travel Nostalgia

Made of 100% Recycled Material

Each Travel Nostalgia design connects you to nature and the earth while reminding you of beautiful memories from the trips you've had.

The collection represents:

  • Morning Mist

  • Quaint Cobblestone

  • Sea Pebbles

  • Island Silhouette

Morning Mist

Steam from the earth is cooled by the morning cold air and mystically floats in the air.

The beautiful morning scene you saw when you traveled to the mountain.

Quaint Cobblestone

The historical and quaint street you walked.

It reminds you that everything from the past is connected to today.

Sea Pebbles

Smooth and beautiful pebbles picked up at the beach represent the relaxing time you spent.

Island Silhouette

Plants, bridges, art, and architecture of the islands.

The tropical vibes and majesty of nature you love.

Shupatto One-Pull Foldable Bag Medium

  • 30×35cm
    11.8×13.8 in

  • Φ6×8cm
    2.4×3.1 in

  • Volume 15 L
    Capacity 5kg / 11 lb

Made of 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Material*

It has the same quality and shape but a more positive environmental impact.

The material is made of plastic waste gathered from our daily lives and recycled using authorized methods.

How our recycled Shupatto is manufactured is traceable.

*Excludes the tapes and buttons

Remade to Last

In keeping with the idea of sustainability, we focused on the durability of our signature accordion pleats.

They play an important role in enabling you to bring the bag anywhere (not only while shopping) and use it anytime for many years.

The pleats endure machine washing over 100 times and still fold down in a second, ensuring a long-lasting product.

Production with Minimal Fabric Wastage

Shupatto is made of one continuous piece of polyester fabric.

We design seamless repeat prints that are a continuous tiling of artwork and use every inch of the material.

It is also designed to keep itself closed and compact without an additional pouch for storage.

Waterless Printing & Our Dyes

Shupatto is printed using waterless printing that eliminates the water or dampening system used in conventional printing.

No bleaches are used.

We always ensure not to use more than the amount of dye we need. In that way, we can minimize the dye waste from printing.


The packaging for Shupatto is made of paper that is recyclable.


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